Instructions for Student Feedback on courses

1. Click on Login with Gmail button, you will be redirected to Google Authentication. Please note that only Institute e-mail and its password will work. (In case of some error, you can Contact Support )

2.Once logged in, you will be redirected to student's dashboard page, where courses taught in this semester will be shown along with the faculty teaching them and status whether you have submitted your feedback or not

Please note that some extra course-faculty pair may appear, i.e. faculty teaching the same course but to other sections. Do not fill feedback for that faculty. Fill the feedback only for the faculty who teaches you, if at all that faculty is not available in the list report to System Analyst at Contact Support

3.Click on Fill Feedback link, which will open a new page with list of questions and some checkboxes. Give your feedback for that course-faculty pair using checkboxes, you can add your own comments if required. Then click on Submit button. Please note that your response is anonymous. System won't keep record of user details.

4.Once again you will be redirected to student dashboard with a message that you have successfully submitted the feedback. Continue Step 3, for each course-faculty pair with pending status.